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Attestation of Documents in Bangalore

    Attestation of documents is required when you need to make business transactions worldwide. Getting the stamp from the chamber of commerce is incorporated to legalize the commercial documents that are required for proving the legitimacy of your company papers and that of the services or products rendered by your capital.
    The attestation procedure includes different levels, techniques, and aberrant stages to be cleared by the official authorities. The chamber of commerce is one of the legitimized forms of government authorities, for approving and validated the concerned documentation. Each record goes through the confirmation process, and then the government authorities verify the attestation of documents in different stages.
    Chambers of Commerce plays an important role in helping you create import export documents, Export shipping documents and Attestation of Documents for companies in Bangalore, Karnataka. A chamber will stamp the certificate; provide attestation services for all your documents to verify the accuracy of the information on the form.

  • For members Rs.50/- per document

  • For Non-Members Rs.100/- per document

  • Note: Provide the covering letter along with documents (for both the category)