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How to Become a Member?

Membership Categories

Patron Member:

  • Will be required to pay an one time subscription fee of Rs.5 lakhs which may be paid in not more than two equal installments within a period of two years from the time of admission and whose admission may be approved/decided upon by the Management Committee.
  • The Management Committee shall be entitled to fix and revise by absolute majority from time to time the maximum number of Patron Members.
  • Each Patron Member shall be entitled to nominate one nominee to the Management Committee, such nominee being a Senior Person such as Director, CEO or one holding similar office.

Members Category I:

  • Will include those engaged in Industrial, Manufacturing and/or Commercial activities and Services, and whose registered offices are located in Karnataka; and
  • Those whose registered offices are located outside Karnataka but whose Administrative or Head Offices or Corporate or Controlling Offices or CEOs are based in Karnataka and also those who have major manufacturing facilities or Commercial / Service activities within Karnataka.

Members Category II

Will include those engaged in industrial, manufacturing and/or commercial activities and Services and whose registered offices are located outside Karnataka.

Associate Members:

Companies, Firms, Service or other Organizations who in the discretion of the Management Committee could be admitted as Members but could not be brought under other Classes / Categories of Membership.

Affiliate Members:

Any Registered Association, Chamber, Guild, Organization, Body Corporate or Trade Body formed with objectives similar or complementary to those of the Chamber.

Clause 6 : The Annual Subscription of Members shall be as set out in the Schedule below:

Rates of Subscription and Number of Votes

Classification of Membership
(as defined in Clause 3)
Subscription Payable
 a) Patron Member  Rs 5 lakhs
 b) Member Category I  Shall be related to the Members’
annual turnover as given below :
 For Annual Turnover  Annual Subscription Fee (Rs.) + GST as applicable
 Start-Ups, less than 1 crores turnover  Rs. 3,500
 Up to Rs. 5 crores  Rs. 9,500
 Above Rs. 5 crores up to Rs. 10 crores  Rs. 13,000
 Above 10 crores up to Rs. 20 crores  Rs. 19,000
 Above 20 Crores up to Rs. 40 crores  Rs. 26,000
 Above 40 crores up to Rs. 250 crores  Rs. 32,500
 Above 250 crores  Rs. 35,000
 Member Category II  Rs. 13,000
 Associate Member  Rs. 9,500
 Affiliate Member  Rs. 9,500

Join our network of more than 650 companies working together to support business and develop a better Karnataka!

Joining Fee

The ENTRANCE FEE for all Category of Membership is Rs. 5,000 which is payable at the point of entry.

All Statutory levies will be extra. (GST as prevailing on the date of admission to membership will apply, which currently is @ 18%)

All Members in Category I shall report their turnover as per their latest audited accounts.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, where a Member otherwise falling in Category I does not desire to disclose his / its turnover, the annual subscription payable shall be Rs. 25,000.

Those who would have been admitted otherwise to Member Category II or as

Associate Member or as Affiliate Member will have a right to request the Management Committee to admit them in Member Category I. The Management Committee has the absolute discretion to accept or reject such request without assigning any reasons. If such request is accepted and such Member is admitted to Member Category I, then such person shall pay subscription as applicable to Member Category I.

Revision of Membership Subscription from time to time shall be authorized by the Members on the recommendations of the Management Committee.