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VMware Software India in collaboration with WomenWhoCode & Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC) Presents - Session on Artificial Intelligence

Event Detail

Through this event we aim to bring in deep insights on some of the compelling use cases of Artificial Intelligence and the Artificial Intelligence Technology behind them. This session is targeted for Technologists intending to develop an appreciation on AI.



      Keynote Speaker: Ramkumar Narayanan, VP Technology & Managing Site Director at VMware

      Ramkumar (Ram) Narayanan is a global leader focusing on data driven, digital product innovation spanning consumer and enterprise markets. He has been an advisor to Enterprises, large and small, in the arena of digital transformation, product strategy and product marketing. Ram is currently VP and Managing Site Director R&D at VmWare India.

      Speaker: Devesh Raj, Senior Data Scientist Leader, Unilever.

      Devesh has a Masters from IIT Hyderabad on Data Science, had been a Data Scientist at Robert Bosch, Philips, Mercedes and Philips before Unilever where he is a Senior Data Scientist Leader. Devesh is a regular speaker at various forums including Nasscom and Artificial Intelligence World Congress, London.

      Topic : Machine Learning to Increase Customer Engagement

      Speaker: Shreya Khare, Research Engineer, IBM research

      Shreya holds a masters from IIT Madras, was a Research Scholar at IIT Madras and is now a Research Engineer at IBM Research.

      Topic: Detecting Emotion through AI

      Speaker: Simrat Hanspal, Lead Data Scientist at VMware

      Simrat is a Data Scientist with Hands on experience in various Machine Learning algorithms and paradigms like Statistical Analysis, Predictive Modeling , Data wrangling, Productionizing .She has been a speaker at Fifth Elephant, PyData and other tech conferences with some patents application in process

      Topic: Building Scalable Infrastructures for AI

      For registration, please use this link:


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