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Accelathon 2.0

Event Detail

AccelATHON 2.0 is back!!!

Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) in association with Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), CPC are organising a pan-Karnataka Hackathon (Accelathon 2.0) on the 12-13th of March for Engineering Students. The theme of this Hackathon is “Social Innovation using Digital Technologies”. The intent is to promote excellence in Innovation amongst the Engineering Students looking at various Social Challenges that our country faces.  

Attached document provides glimpses from the last AccelATHON hosted in April, 2019. AccelATHON 1.0 had a participation of ~400 students in ~80 different teams from across various colleges in Karnataka. It churned some wonderful concepts and solutions that are also detailed in the attached paper. 

We invite you all and your fellow students in your and other colleges to take part of the wonderful contest and 

The Registration link for Students:


    • Date: 12-13 March, 2020

      Venue: New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru

      A total cash prize of Rs. 1 lac will be given out to 6 top entries

      1st prize of Rs. 30,000,

      2x2nd prize of Rs. 20,000 each

      3x3rd prize of Rs.10,000 each

      Team Size: 2-4 Students.

      Registration Fee: Rs.500 for the team payable at the venue. 


      Problem Statement & Evaluation Parameter

      The aim of “AccelATHON“ through its theme of “Social Innovation using Digital Technologies” is to provoke thoughts in the minds of students to create solutions for various Social Challenges that our country faces. Students are free to take up any problem statement that matches with the theme and create solutions around it. For guidance, the following problem statements are given.

      1.    Awareness creation app to help BPL (Below Poverty Line) families to understand government schemes for them for health, education, insurance, subsidies.

      2.    App for Persons with Disabilities to guide them find their routes - for wheel-chair users to find places where they can easily reach to (hotels, restaurants, parking etc) (disability friendly places).

      3.    Citizen friendly app where citizens can help traffic police by providing details and photos on traffic violations, suspect vehicles, hit and run cases, left vehicles on road, accident updates, etc.

      4.    App to promote women social entrepreneurs, providing them a platform to collaborate and join on business platform with other woman leaders and get them on mainstream.

      5.    Something on the lines of Akshay Patra - Zero Hunger initiative.

      6.    Adult education - find and enrol in diploma and vocational/skilling training in evenings.

      7.    Access to different levels of education scholarship and subsidies - including Government and Private.

      8.    Ensure government benefits reach the right people: E.g. during disaster relief, which are prone to leakage.

      9.    Social bazaar where producers of product and services meet customer.

      10. Smartphone based life certificate verification for pensioners using Aadhar data.

      11. Any other Aadhar based Social App.

      12. Platform to Publish social/community events.

      13. Plant Doctor: Aggregation on data showing crops or farm animals infected in region through community data.

      14. Any other Agriculture related app.

      15. Ways to publish contract jobs for daily wage workers in radius of one's location (also those under various Govt schemes).

      16. Disaster Communication App that doesn't need internet or cell phone coverage. Works based on hop and mesh network tech.

      17. Any Healthcare research related App.

      18. Any Assistive Technology solution for People with Disability.

      19. Any solution to address challenges like Education, Agriculture, social upliftment, social collaboration, healthcare, energy, water, etc. will be considered.  

      20. Any new science initiative for boarder upliftment of society.

      Criteria for Solution Entry: The solution should be freshly developed as part of AccelATHON 2.0 and not a pre-existing endeavour. Solutions that are found to have been worked before AccelATHON 2.0 will be rejected.

      Criteria for Evaluation:

      -       Uniqueness of Idea including validity of the idea in relation to the theme

      -       Impact of the Solution on solving the problem statement

      -       Choice and Use of Technology

      -       Completeness and Correctness of Solution

      -       Presentation including level of collaboration within the team



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