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Application development with RedHat OpenShift

Event Detail

Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) under the aegis of ICT Expert Committee is organising a series of Meetups on Emerging Technologies.

The intent of the meetups is to bring in deep insights from the top practitioners from the industry on how technology is shaping the Digital landscape, opportunities and use cases, understanding the technology itself through deep technical talks, sharing of best practices, gathering inputs on challenges and opportunities and networking amongst fellow practitioners/enthusiasts in the industry.


    • Topics:

                  What is the microservices development paradigm?

                  What is the DevOps paradigm?

                  What is Container Management solution?

                  How can RedHat OpenShift help?


      Speaker Profile:

      Nagesh Subrahmanyam is a Senior Solution Architect with the RedHat Experience team at IBM. He works with customers to design transformation projects with RedHat OpenShift technology. In the past, he has worked with IoT and dabbled with Blockchain.


      Registration Link:



      This meetup is for CXO’s, VPs, Senior Management, Middle Management, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Architects and Developers who are interested in understanding the business side of AI, and its use cases. 

      There is a booking charge of  Rs. 300 - This is only a holding fee for ensuring only serious attendees register. We will give back this fee at the venue if you attend. If you fail to attend, this is not refundable.


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